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About Us


"The way connects your life."


Wonderful quality ’ of products is the base of our company; Aesthetic design ’ to determine the success of products in the market; Reliable technique ’ to guarantee the best experience of customers with our products;  Rigid standard’ to be adopted for manufacture and quality control; Kindly respond ’ shows our active attitude; Youthful culture ’ encourage us to try new thing, break rules, be innovative, grow fast and learn from all aspects of life.

Our Story

We’re a bunch of friends with shared values to accomplishments. We’re tech lovers, joke makers, cat owners, card game players, and above all, mission carriers. We start small but we aim big, that is for everyone to have a enjoyable digital life, without boundaries between the goals you chase and the tools you take.


Our Products

Our team are willing to focus on physical products for a long time. We strive for aesthetic design, wonderful quality, frustration-free package, and easy-to-reach customer service. Currently, we focus on accessories for computers and smartphones, bringing better alternatives for our customers in the digital accessories space.

We hope to use our own way to connect your life. This is why and what we do, keep digging in details and changing your perspectives.

And, this is just the beginning.